Recreational Boating Day on the Hill Returns to Ottawa

Canadian recreational marine representatives will be speaking directly with members of parliament on Parliament Hill in Ottawa today to discuss issues affecting the boating industry. National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Canada board members and several marine trade association representatives have gathered in the nation's capital for the 2nd Recreational Boating Day on the Hill.

The delegates have been organized into smaller teams that will be meeting with nearly two-dozen MPs from ridings across Canada, policy makers and members of Transport Canada.

NMMA Canada's objective at last year's Recreational Boating Day on the Hill was to strengthen the ties with members of government and policy makers with the hope of improving future cooperation and lobbying efforts.

This year, the NMMA Canada will be emphasizing the importance of the federal tourism and economic development measures that can help expand the economic impact recreational boating is having on Canada's economy. To help drive that point, the association is presenting its recently-released Economic Impact Study, which breaks down by region the $8.9 billion revenues and $5 billion GDP impact generated by recreational boating in 2012.

The delegation teams will also be focusing on half-a-dozen key messages during their meetings with MPs and policy makers. These include maintaining the length of season and hours of operation of waterways managed by Parks Canada; maintaining access to water in the face of low water levels on the Great Lakes; supporting Canada's tourism sector; reducing trade barriers for exporting Canadian-made marine goods into international markets; investing in infrastructure; and improving Canada/US regulatory cooperation.

After the meetings are concluded, NMMA Canada will hold a reception for all Parliamentarians and their staff at Parliament Hill's East Block Courtyard.