Recreational Docks Being Built at Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland

The town of Channel-Port aux Basques, NL, is beginning to build dock space for additional recreational boats in its harbour in an attempt to boost local tourism and economic development. The marina is expected to be complete by the end of November according to Bruce Billard, Economic Development Strategist for the township.

“The Province of Newfoundland, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and our township are all contributing partners on this project,” says Billard. “It's not a full-fledged marina. We'll be adding floating docks in order to better separate our recreational boating from our commercial boating. It's essentially an expansion of our services in the harbour. Mixing these two groups was not ideal, especially when we're trying to grow the recreational boating market here. It's not attractive having recreational boats tie up next to commercial fishermen.”

The new recreational boating space will consist of three 50-foot pontoon docks branching out from the township's wharf. The township anticipates that approximately 15 to 20 boats should be able to dock here depending on the size of the vessels.

Maritime Docks in Pennfield, New Brunswick has been contracted to supply the docks. According to Blair Moffatt, President of Maritime Docks, his company has a history of working in close cooperation with regional harbour authorities and municipalities. The company designs and builds docks ranging from small cottage systems to 20-tonne, 54-foot x 10-foot heavy duty floating docks for the commercial fishing industry.

Billard says the Port aux Basques Port Authority will take ownership of the docks once they are complete.