Rinker to Offer Canadian Holding Tank Filters on 2011 Models

Rinker Boats will be offering holding tank odour filters from Stouffville, ON-based, Big Orange Company Inc. on its 2011 cruisers.

The Big Orange filter deordourizes the air passing through a vessel's vent line using a refillable carbon pellet cartridge.

“Holding tank odour is a common complaint among boaters,” says Mike Kamaloski, Director of Sales for Rinker Boats. “This summer we tested the Big Orange filter and decided to offer it as an option on our cruiser models.” According to Kamaloski, if the filters prove to be a popular upgrade with consumers, Rinker will consider offering them as a standard option on its cruisers in the future.

Allan Sasnowski, President of Big Orange Company says that the addition of Rinker as the company's first OEM should help his business. “Sometimes it takes word-of-mouth to convince boaters to try something new,” says Sasnowski. “I think having Rinker as an OEM should help improve the recognition of the Big Orange brand as well as help increase our sales for this coming year.”

Sasnowski says the filters are currently being distributing through Western Marine and Transat Marine. “They've given us good coverage for Canada,” he explains. “We're also receiving orders online, most of which are coming from the United States.”  

For more information visit www.bigorangefilter.com