Safe Boating Awareness Week Seeks West Coast Volunteers

To further promote the Canadian Safe Boating Council's (CSBC) Safe Boating Awareness Week (SBAW) scheduled from May 16 to 22, the council is seeking volunteers on the West Coast to assist with its 2009 campaign.

Devised to garner support from the media and marine-related organizations to promote safe boating practices on the local and national level, SBAW in conjunction with its members in local communities have generated significant support in recent years. In 2008, the campaign had an overwhelming response as more than 54 million media impressions were yielded across Canada.

“We have been doing this for about four years now,” says Ted Rankine, CSBC director. “As soon as we start to get close to boating season, people start getting involved. We are just starting to get sign-ups now. The fact is the volunteer base on the West Coast has been growing. It would be great to get a volunteer in every major centre.”

Volunteer responsibilities consist of two sets of criteria – one is being reactive where volunteers participate in interviews with the media as they come through the campaign's national outreach efforts. The other is being proactive. Volunteers are asked to solicit the support of local media outlets including cable stations, radio and newspapers and be the boating safety specialist for the local area.

“The volunteers we are looking for are those that are in the boating industry and we encourage them to come and represent their own organization as well as helping out the CSBC out in getting the safety message out,” says Rankine. We also look for volunteers to be proactive, knocking on doors of the local media in their own neighbourhood. For example, community newspapers are a great medium to carry out boating safety information since it is topical and relevant in their own local area. We offer the media the opportunity to carry the safety message materials that we create (available online).”

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