Scout Boats Launches 'Build Your Own' Website Utility

Scout Boats, Inc. has incorporated a unique build-a-boat feature into the company's new website. The feature, which allows prospective customers to spec out a boat with unique offers and calculate a sale price, has been widely used in the automotive industry for some time, but remains unique in the recreational boating business.

“We wanted to offer our customers a chance to 'build their own Scout' while at the same time offering discounts as they get ready for the new boating season,” said Scout Boats International Sales Manager, Alan Lang. “Regarding sales we're experiencing one of the best starts we've had in a long time, and we're looking to keep that momentum going.”

The build-a-boat feature allows a customer to customize their preferred Scout model by selecting the engine, hull color, as well as available options. A running total price is maintained during the feature. Once completed, the customer can follow up with their local dealer for further information, or to place an order.

Coincident with the new website utility, Scout has also announced special boat-motor-trailer package pricing on select models now through June 30, 2011.