Simcoe Yachts Sales Opens at Starport Marina Inc.

Starport Marina, Orillia, ON, has recently implemented Simcoe Yachts Sales to facilitate exclusive yacht brokerage sales. The brokerage office, which is located in the Dock Store on the main floor of Starport Marina Inc., officially opened in early June.

“The opportunity came up in the winter when the new owner Mark Lariviere took over operations,” said Greg Heffering, broker/owner of Simcoe Yachts Sales. “While he wasn't looking for anything to happen in the brokerage or the boat sales for this year, a couple a weeks later he approached me and said he was interested in doing something. That all took place over March and April and I opened my office the first week of June.”

Heffering explained that while it may not be the most opportune time to open a yacht brokerage sales office given the time of year, plans are underway to move forward. Simcoe Yachts Sales, which serves Central Ontario, concentrates primarily on boat models ranging from 33 to 40 feet and takes on listings as large as 55 feet – as the marina can facilitate that style and size of vessel.

With many affiliated plans tentatively underway for Starport Marina Inc. and Simcoe Yachts Sales, Heffering mentioned he is currently strengthening existing relationships and establishing new ones in efforts to achieve a stronger rapport with area boaters and consumers.  

“We (Simcoe Yachts Sales and Starport Marina Inc.) are very linked to each other,” said Heffering. “I am certainly hoping that we have done everything in the right perspective to attract not only customers for Starport Marina Inc., but also to have clients come back knowing there is a broker with experience onsite. This has always been a great location for boaters and a tremendous sales facility. My effort right now is to continue that sales atmosphere. It may take some time to put things in place, but I am confident that will happen.”