SmartPlug Now Offers 50 Amp Products

SmartPlug Systems has expanded its product line to include connectors for 50 amp systems.

Designed for larger boats, the new 50 amp SmartPlug connector and inlet incorporate the same features as the original 30 amp version. The SmartPlug's straight-in, sleeved design enables the body of the plug to bear weight, instead of the electrical pins. This keeps the points of electrical contact secure and makes sure the pins don't work themselves loose. Intuitive to use, owners simply push the plug straight in until the side levers click and then snap the locking cap down on top to finish the job.  The unique shape of the plug makes it easy to orient, since it can only be plugged in one way.  No twisting is required.

Featuring three weatherproof seals, the SmartPlug eliminates the possibility of water and moisture intrusion. Employing two locking side levers and two points of contact on the locking cap, its multi-point locking system ensures a rock solid connection at all times.  When the inlet is not in use, the cap can remain closed and serve as a weatherproof seal. SmartPlug incorporates marine-grade 316 stainless steel for its external metal parts and nickel-plated brass for its electrical pins. 

Pricing information for the new 50 amp line is being finalized shortly.