Spill Response Workshop Offered For Marinas

Ground Force Environmental has announced it will offer an informative, hands-on Spill Response Workshop for marinas. It is imperative that marina staff know how to respond to spills, and understand the proper techniques and products they should use to clean up each spill in a safe, timely and efficient manner. Having a staff that is aware of the consequences and  trained to react can not only save time and money, but can reduce the environmental impact of a spill. 

This one-day course is designed to teach marina staff about applicable legislation, spill prevention practices,proper steps to clean up spills, being aware of your surroundings which may affect the spill response, and proper techniques for removing oil, fuels and solvents from the water, including sheen.

"This workshop is a great start to your boating season and a must have for those with new employees – especially for those with summer students,' says Jeremy Michel, Sales and Marketing Manager for Ground Force Environmental Inc. "Each workshop includes a classroom session, which is followed by an intensive hands-on tutorial that involves participants cleaning up a mock spill. At the end of the day there is a quick quiz and a record of training will be mailed to each and every individual who passes the course.'
The workshop costs $150 and includes a light lunch. Groups of 10 or more are preferable, but the organizer can partner smaller groups. Interested marina operators should contact Michel by March 5, either by email (jmichel@gfei.ca) or phone (416-705-4105).