Sunbrella Recycling Program Launched

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, Glen Raven, NC has recently launched a recycling program called Recycle My Sunbrella, for its fabrics, and series of awning covers, boat covers and marine upholstery.

Glen Raven's customers and consumers in Canada the United States are encouraged to ship their excess Sunbrella fabric to its recycling facility in Anderson, SC, where it will be ground down into a fibrous non-woven form that can be used for car insulation, sports equipment protective padding, punching bags or decorative outdoor rugs, to name a few applications.

“We operate a plant that is completely landfill free,” said Randy Blackston, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics' vice-president of operations. “Think about all the cut-and-sow operations that service this industry. If we could provide them a portal, it will help prevent anything with a Sunbrella label from ending up in a landfill. That's our goal.”

“Recyclable items could include retired umbrellas, seat cushions, awnings or even cutting scraps from processing,” said Blackston. “We have some customers shipping us the material by the truck load, but we'll take it in any quantity.”

In addition to the Sunbrella material, Glen Raven will also recycle the packaging it's sent in. While the company is funding all the administrative and processing costs associated with this program, those utilizing the program are responsible for covering the shipping expense of sending the material to the recycling center.

“I think [the boating industry] is more environmentally friendly today,” continued Blackston. “Whether it's the lessons our children get in school to what we're hearing about the environment on the news, we've been a disposable society for too long. It's time to reclaim every product as much as possible.”

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