Thermoboat To Distribute Stress Free Anchor Winches

Sidney, BC-based Thermoboat, Ltd. has completed an agreement to serve as the North American importer of Stress Free Anchor Winches.

Made in Australia, Stress Free Anchor Winches offer anchor rode handling products for vessels from 16 to 38 feet, and are suited for both power and sailboat applications. The company recently introduced its patented Next Generation (NG) Series of free fall winches for deck mounting or internal fit in the anchor locker. The product is said to be unlike a conventional anchor windlass in that it neatly stores the anchor line and chain on a drum inside the anchor well, allowing hands-free deployment and retrieval of the anchor from the safety of the cockpit. The patented design allows the anchor to be lowered under powered control at 80 – 90 feet per minute or to “free fall” without risk of over-run or tangles at up to 600 feet per minute. The actuating mechanism that disengages the drive allowing the anchor to “free fall” also acts as a brake that prevents the spool from over-run by continuously applying an even load to both ends of the drum. Once the free fall actuator is released the robust drive is automatically re- engaged, locking the mechanism so that additional tying off is unnecessary. Thermoboat will be responsible for OEM and distribution sales throughout Canada and the United States.

“This is a terrific anchor handling solution for the small- to medium-size recreational boat,” says Thermoboat President, Hugh Carroll. “This will benefit anyone who needs to weigh or set an anchor quickly and efficiently without ever needing to touch the anchor line. Fishermen will find that they spend less time anchoring and more time fishing with this product and short handed sailors can lower or raise the anchor without ever leaving the helm.

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