Transport Canada Announces New Electronic Pleasure Craft Licensing System

Changing how dealers and consumers will obtain pleasure craft license numbers for their vessels moving forward, the Office of Boating Safety Transport Canada has introduced an electronic system.

The new 'Pleasure Craft Electronic Licensing System' is to be completed by the purchaser of the vessel. Dealers can also use the new system for licensing boats. The new system requires license applications to be submitted online. Faxes will not be allowed under this new system. Also, a photograph of the boat is required with the application.

According to Boating Ontario, no notice was issued to marine dealers informing them of the change. As a result, the association says a number of its members have been left with questions regarding the new procedure of licensing pleasure crafts.

All license applications that were applied for before the new system came into effect on July 12, will be processed under the old system. Licensing applications applied for after July 12 will be processed using the new system.

For further details, requirements and forms for the new system, visit the Transport Canada website at