Transport Canada Certifies First Inflatable Lifejacket

Mustang Survival, Burnaby, BC, has released a new lifejacket that has been approved and certified by Transport Canada. Designated MD3157, the lifejacket is features Hydrostatic Inflation Technology (HIT), which will only inflate when submerged under four inches or more of water.

“We have and continue to certify and approve many types and categories of lifejackets,” says Mélanie Quesnel, Transport Canada’s Media Relations Advisor. “However, this is the only inflatable lifejacket that conforms to the inflatable lifejacket standard and that has been approved.”

In Canada, it’s mandatory that vessels have one Canadian-approved lifejacket per person onboard. Lifejacket approval is based on tests carried out on sample products submitted by manufacturers to a testing laboratory recognized by Transport Canada. An approved lifejacket must carry a label stating that it has been approved by Transport Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard or Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

The MD3157 is designed is to eliminate unintended inflation due to rain, spray or humidity. It also features an inflator that is maintenance free for five years, heavy-duty fabric construction, SOLAS reflective tape, lash tab and an optional strobe light holder.