UK Pedestal Manufacturer Launches In North America

UK-based service pedestal and marina equipment manufacturer Electro-Tec has introduced a new European-design power pedestal that it will be marketing to marinas throughout North America. The product incorporates dynamic exterior and eco-friendly design elements with what are described as 'powerhouse' technical capabilities.

“This line of dock power pedestals, and all the features they encompass, is entirely new to marinas across the Americas,” says Derek Matthews,  Electro-Tec Sales and Marketing Executive. “The stylish exterior is only the beginning – the design focuses on practicality and innovation from the inside out.”

The product line includes the ESB, VX and E-Max power pedestal models, each incorporating a unique modular design that allows for damaged pieces to be easily replaced without affecting the entire unit. All are available in a wide range of colours including brushed stainless effect and mirror finish. Internal structures are made from a high-density polyethylene with no metal parts, eliminating any possibility of corrosion. Other elements include temperature control and innovative sliding door system features. A standard 4W LED photocell gives the pedestal a distinctive glow in low light.

The company recently opened a new sales, service, and manufacturing facility in Tampa, FL, to serve customers in the US and Canada.  “We've selected a home for our operations where we can build products meant to last,” continued Matthews. “In the few months we've been open, we are receiving unbelievable demand and excitement from dock owners and users.”