Update: Toronto International Boat Show Releases Additional Attendance Numbers

Canadian Boat Shows (CBS), organizer and operator of the Toronto International Boat Show, has released its attendance numbers from Monday to Saturday.

According to CBS, Monday's traffic was down by 16 percent (3,988 visitors) from the 4,749 reported in 2012. Tuesday was down 16 percent (4,195 visitors) versus 4,999 in 2013. Wednesday's attendance was down 13 percent (4,825 visitors) compared to 5,556 reported in 2013. Thursday's attendance was down eight percent (5,112 visitors) from the 5,536 reported in 2013.

However, CBS stressed that the show's 2013 Monday and Tuesday were the highest for the event in the previous six years, while the 2013 Wednesday and Thursday were the highest attendance in the previous five years. The show organizer says 2014's numbers are closer to the event's historical results.

On the Toronto International Boat Show's final day (January 19), CBS posted its attendance numbers for Friday and Saturday (January 17 and 18) of the event.

According to CBS, Friday's attendance of 6,059 was down 13 percent from last year and Saturday's 11,545 visitors were down 9 percent compared to 2013.

CBS says its final attendance numbers will be reported later this week.