Upgraded Ordering Software Available for Boat Builders

BoatTrack has enhanced its Order Pointe subscription-based application, which is designed to aid boat manufacturers. The cloud-based application now integrates with the Infor Visual manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

BoatTrack is a suite of three modules – Order Pointe, Service Pointe and Dealer Central – that work together to manage essential aspects of boat manufacturing.

According to Kelli Wynn, BoatTrack's Controller and Software Manager, Cruisers yachts, Chris-Craft, Carolina Skiff and Regulator Marine are among the boat brands that utilize the client/server version Order Pointe. However, Alweld Boats is among the first to use the latest web version of the application.  

Order Pointe allows users to create profiles of their models with all available options, pricing and costs. This can improve efficiency and productivity, and reduce the chance of quoting inaccuracies that sometimes arise with paper processes. Order Pointe also analyzes order histories and sales effectiveness, helping users to forecast and plan the success of a model. Manufacturer sales reps can capture orders, invoice the boat, see all optional configurations for that model, access information on product cycle, pull up a hull ID and find all serialized numbers affiliated with the vessel.

"Order Pointe is a sales order configurator,' explains Wynn. "It allows a manufacturer's regional sales rep to quickly configure a boat for pricing so they can pull up a model and add specific options associated with it. They could be at a boat show or on the road taking orders without having to return to the office to provide quotes for dealers. This significantly reduces the turn around time, allowing frontline salespeople to do what they're best at, interact with the customer instead of scrambling to figure out what options are for which boat. Manufacturer's reps would also see where the orders come in from – perhaps occasionally from new dealers – allowing them to capture that information for follow ups.'

BoatTrack's other offering, Service Pointe, will integrate with Infor Visual in early 2016 and will become cloud-based by sometime this summer. Service Pointe handles every aspect of inventory history. It allows users to find a vessel's service history, the way it was originally equipped when first sold, ownership history, claims and warranties, hull ID, and the status of various warrantied components. Service Pointe can function as an add-on or stand alone product.

In early 2016, BoatTrack also plans to release its Dealer Central software, an add-on to that allows dealers to login to create and see their own orders without having to contact their regional sales reps.

Improved efficiency continues to serve as a major driver for companies to switch to cloud-based services. Supporting an older physical client server based at a manufacturer's office may tie a user to a specific computer where the software is housed. Traditional client-based software also often requires a substantial investment in specific of hardware and ongoing technical maintenance. On the other hand, cloud-based software requires a monthly subscription that continues to automatically upgrade as it's updated. All that is needed is a PC or Mac with a browser and Internet access.