ValvTect Offers New Retail Floor Display

Northbrook, IL-based ValvTect Petroleum has announced the availability of a new retail floor display for its ValvTect aftermarket fuel additive line. The attractive, compact display holds up to three cases of ValvTect products but only occupies about 1.5 square feet of floor space. It features the ValvTect Marine Fuel logo with a header card which reads The Best Solutions for Fuel Related Problems.

“With strong sales of our ValvTect Marine Fuel Additives, many dealers have requested a more prominent, free-standing floor display to merchandise these popular products,” said ValvTect President, Jerry Nessenson.

The display will be shown at the upcoming Bell Industries, Diversified, Land N Sea, Kellogg, MESCO and Paxton distributor shows. It will be free to dealers with a minimum purchase of ValvTect products.