Victoria International Marina Modifies Design for Paddlers

Community Marine Concepts, the developer of the planned Victoria International Marina, has made adjustments to the marina's design that will reduce its capacity to better accommodate paddlers. The bridge connects the marina to a series of its slips.

Community Marine Concepts hosted an open house forum that included the participation of the organization's marine environmental scientists, architects and modelers to answer questions from community members. The outcome of the forum led to several redesign considerations for the marina, including those affecting paddlers.

“Through our public consultation process we heard concerns from members of the paddling community about how the bridge was aligned,” said Lachlan MacLean, WAM Development Group's general manager – marina operations. “It's almost parallel to the shore, forcing them to perform two 90-degree turns. We realigned the bridge a bit to give them a straighter path to paddle through and increase their space along the shore and the dock.”

The redesign comes with other benefits to paddlers, including a public kayak launch and landing dock as well as public storage racks for kayaks. Paddlers will be able to stop at the marina for refreshments or to seek refuge from poor weather.

As a result of the changes to the bridge, the marina's capacity has been reduced. The Victoria International Marina is now scheduled to have a total of 52 slips (down from the 54 slips originally planned) and will be able to accommodate recreational vessels 65 to 135 feet long.  

According to MacLean, Community Marine Concepts is hopeful it can secure its approval for the new marina sometime this fall. Victoria International Marina is scheduled to open in 2010.