Volvo Penta: 8.1L Big Blocks to be Supplied for 2010

Volvo Penta has announced that its customers will have access to an uninterrupted supply of 8.1-litre big block power for all of 2010 despite future plans by General Motors to stop their production.

Volvo Penta says it has worked closely with General Motors to ensure its ability to supply customers with the 8.1-litre engines for sterndrive and IPS power throughout 2010.
“Just as the industry is beginning to show positive signs of sales recovery, we recognize that now is not the time to be making disruptive changes to our big block power options,” said Bob Apple, senior VP sales and marketing. “With that in mind we have taken a very aggressive supply and inventory position to be sure that our global customers can continue with an uninterrupted supply of this important power range.”
The 8.1 engine package also includes “Penta Protection” which consists of two distinct parts:  A two-year Volvo Penta factory limited warranty and a three-year Volvo Penta Extended Protection limited warranty that provides coverage for mechanical breakdowns that may occur following the expiration of the Volvo Penta limited factory warranty.
Volvo Penta's 8.1LGiE, is fuel injected, electronically controlled and is also available with or without an emissions catalyst for 2010.