Volvo Penta Extends IPS Benefits to Sterndrives

Consumers will now have even more options for precise control in tight confines with the recent launch of Volvo Penta's new Sterndrive Joystick system.

Designed to simplify the process of maneuvering in tight confines with twin sterndrive configurations, the system for gas engines is currently in production and is available for Canadian dealers for engines ranging from 270 hp to 420 hp. The Sterndrive Joystick system will also be offered for diesel applications later this spring. Both systems are factory-installed.

“The system has been in the design phases for the last number of years and is a natural extension of our current IPS system,” said Robert Apple, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Volvo Penta. “It's new and it's ready.”     

The Sterndrive Joystick system utilizes fly-by-wire software and controls the individual sterndrives, providing the right amount of throttle and thrust to move the boat exactly as directed. All that is required is moving the small vertical joystick in the direction the driver wishes to move the boat. Users can also twist the joystick to maneuver the boat on its own axis. Optimum control even at idle speeds is provided with its availability to adjust low and high rpm at the push of a button.

“The system certainly provides boaters the opportunity to move up to new, larger models and make them feel more comfortable on the water,” says Apple. “We feel that is one of the biggest benefits.”    

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