Volvo Penta Introduces New OceanX Sterndrive

Volvo Penta has announced the launch of its new OceanX aluminum sterndrive, designed with coating and sensor technology, which according to the company, greatly improves its corrosion resistance in saltwater.

OceanX is designed for select Volvo Penta gasoline (5.0 GXi, 5.7 Gi-300, 5.7 Gxi, 8.1 GI and 8.1 GXi) and diesel (D3-130, D3-160 and D3-190) engines.

OceanX employs electro-deposits to apply a titanium-ceramic coating to improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum castings to better withstand harsh salt-water environments. The flexible coating covers the entire drive to provide the utmost protection, and is said to be chromate-free and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, OceanX also offers new features including an oil sensor to warn when drive oil is either low or contaminated with water and a second water-warning sensor mounted in the universal joint bellows between the OceanX drive and the transom.

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