Wakeboard Tank Bursts At Atlanta Boat Show

A 200,000 gallon indoor wakeboarding tank the Georgia World Congress Center collapsed and flooded out the Progressive Atlanta Boat Show Thursday.

The Indoor Wake Park was to be a feature attraction at the 50th annual Atlanta show, providing an environment where consumers could watch professional wakeboarders perform a variety of stunts. The tank collapsed as exhibitors finalized their displays, spilling what was described as a “wall of water two feet high” cascading through the show floor, flooding displays and briefly floating some boats.

Show Manager Larry Berryman notes that no one was injured, and the cause for the tank rupture is still to be determined. Clean-up crews quickly cleaned up the flood and the show opening was delayed by only four hours, welcoming the first consumers at 3:00 pm.

CBS Atlanta was on-scene shooting a news report on the boat show when the tank ruptured – click here to view their video report.