West Marine Announces Green Product of the Year Winners

Boating supplies and accessories retail chain, West Marine, announced two winning products for its fourth annual Green Product of the Year contest. Attwood Fuel Demand Valve and West Marine CFA Eco Antifouling Bottom Paint received the top honours.

Each year the contest and is open to manufacturers, distributors and inventors of boating products throughout Canada and the United States.

Starting in 2011, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required that portable fuel tanks had to be sealed.  The pressure can potentially overwhelm valves in older engines, causing flooding and may also cause gas to leak when making or breaking connections.  The Attwood Fuel Demand Valve only allows fuel to pass when the engine pulls fuel from the tank.  "If you have an outboard motor that uses portable tanks, you should consider retrofitting your tank with the Attwood Fuel Demand Valve,' said Margaret Podlich, a Green Product of the Year judge. "When the fuel heats up, as it always does in the summertime, this device helps capture the pressurized fuel so that there aren't any accidental spills.'

The second winner was West Marine's CFA Eco Antifouling Bottom Paint, a copper-free, dual biocide, water-based ablative antifouling paint.  Developed by Kop-Coat Marine Group, the paint uses metal-free Econea biocide combined with a slime-fighting inhibitor for multi-season protection.  The water-based formulation is said to be able to replace most of the volatile solvents found in most bottom paints. "If this paint gets adopted by the market, it will go a long way to reducing solvent emissions and marine contamination from copper,' says Dr. Ann Blake, an environmental and public health consultant, and Green Product of the Year judge.

West Marine has nearly 300 company-operated stores located in Canada, the US and Puerto Rico and five franchised stores located in Turkey.