WestWinn Group Adds New Boat Building Tool

Vernon, BC-based WestWinn Group Corp., builder of HarberCraft, Jetcraft and KingFisher boats has added a new tool to its boat-building arsenal. The company is now using a MultiCam CNC Router Cutting System, enabling it to make accurate parts with less waste and shorter lead times.

"It augments our current plasma cutting system,' describes Mark Delaney, WestWinn Group's Marketing and Business Development Director. "It adds capacity and gives us options to fabricate a lot of components in-house. Since the tooling has been upgraded, it allows us the ability to cut even more precision parts. It should speed up production and improve our precision to the next level.'

Delaney says the new tool will benefit all the boat brands built by WestWinn Group.

"This new cutting system helps us meet demand while supporting our growth strategy of creating the leading all-welded brand in North America,' adds Byron Bolton, CEO.