WestWinn Group Announces Five New Dealers

WestWinn Group, builder of Harbercraft, Jetcraft and KingFisher boats, has signed five new dealerships.

Among the new dealers is Drummondville Marine in Drummondville, QC, which will carry the Harbercraft and KingFisher brands. Also signed was Scott's General Store in Stony Rapids, SK, which will carry the Harbercraft brand.

“Those were two territories that weren't being serviced,” explains Mark Delaney, Marketing Director for WestWinn Group. “Drummondville has a strong angler community and with the Gulf of St. Lawrence so close, our product line is the perfect fit. Quebecers are avid sportsmen. They have a lot of great rivers to enjoy jet boating. Likewise, Scott's is in the far north of Saskatchewan, which is fishing central. It's a wonderful place for lakes and has a great camp.”

Drummondville Marine has plans on marketing the Harbercraft brand to Quebec's northern territory. “We've known the Harbercraft brand for a long time and that they build a good boat,” says André Côté, Owner of Drummondville Marine. “We're trying to reach a niche market that these boats appeal to and that's why we've picked up the line. Also, there are not many boat manufacturers building the same type of boat as Harbercraft.”

Delaney says Scott's will receive its first shipment of boats in December and Drummondville Marine should have their first shipment by the end of this month.

WestWinn's new US dealers are located in San Diego, Portland and Coos Bay and will carry the Jetcraft brand.