WestWinn Group Announces New Manufacturing Facility

WestWinn Group, Vernon, BC, the manufacturer of Harbercraft, Jetcraft and Kingfisher boats, has recently announced the building of a new 52,000 square-foot manufacturing facility to commemorate its 50th anniversary this year.
The new facility, christened as the WestWinn Group Center of Excellence, is designed to increase efficiencies and accelerate R&D. It's scheduled to open this Spring.
In addition to utilizing a new, environmentally friendly heat recovery system to reduce gas consumption, the facility will implement the lean manufacturing processes as well as equipment to accommodate flexible manufacturing. According to WestWinn, the center will staff 85 employees and is expected to deliver increased product development and advanced testing from its R&D hub. The company also reported that it's commitment to R&D led to its most important design advancement, the Pre-Flex hull, along with 19 new products and 110 upgrades in the last two years.
“WestWinn serves three primary segments,” explains Byron Bolton, president and owner of the WestWinn Group.  “Our product focus is on the freshwater fishing enthusiast, the offshore deepwater fisherman and the extreme river jet boater. We also serve the commercial, security, fire & rescue, charter and research markets with our custom vessels.”
For more information: www.harbercraft.com & www.kingfisherboats.net