WestWinn Group to Represent Alumacraft in Canada

WestWinn Group, Vernon, BC, the manufacturer of Harbercraft, Jetcraft and Kingfisher boats has formed a partnership with Alumacraft. The recently formed WestWinn Sales Group will manage all Alumacraft sales in Canada.

“This arrangement compliments the heavy-gauge Harbercraft and KingFisher brands with the light-gauge Alumacraft,” says Andrew Klopak, President of WestWinn Sales Group. “It rounds our portfolio and allows us to become a one-stop-shop for dealers in Canada. Our team has a strategic growth plan that will be implemented, which includes additional funds to promote and represent the Alumacraft brand as it is in the United States.”

According to Klopak, the partnership will have no impact on how boats are shipped to dealers. WestWinn Group will continue to build Harbercraft, Kingfisher and Jetcraft boats in Vernon, BC and the Alumacraft head office and production plant remains in St. Peter, MN.

Alumacraft currently has more than 30 dealers across Canada. However, Klopak says the partnership’s purpose wasn’t about WestWinn Group increasing the size of its dealer network. “It’s about managing and growing existing dealers,” he explains.

“It’s the perfect fit for WestWinn to manage the sales functions of Alumacraft because the products serve similar industry segments,” added Todd Harris, WestWinn Sales Group District Business Manager for Western Canada. “For dealers that carry both Harbercraft and Alumacraft, it allows them to work with one company and simplify their business correspondence while reaching two different buyers.”

The The WestWinn Sales Group includes Andrew Klopak; Todd Harris; John Butts, District Business Manager for Eastern Canada; and Michelle Trudeau, Brand Manager, who will manage the Alumacraft brand in Canada.