Woodard & Co. Launches New Website

Woodard and Company, Vaughan, ON, has launched a new website to keep Canadian distributors and dealers better informed of the products they represent for foreign manufacturers.

“When someone in the marine industry is searching for a new or existing product that we represent, they can find the information on our website,” says Yves Gaboury, Sales Representative for Woodard and Company. We represent companies from the U.S., Europe and Asia in Canada, and it's important for us to make sure that dealers, suppliers, distributors and OEMs know about the products our manufacturers produce. In the past we didn't have all the information available to the end users. We will have new products on our website, and we'll send out newsletters to keep dealers informed on a monthly basis.”

The new website features four prominent buttons at the top of the main page broken into four groups including boat builders, boat trailers, marine distributors and dock products. By clicking one of the categories, Woodard's list of manufacturers is filtered down to a list of those relevant to each group. According to Gaboury, Woodard's former website simply had the company's contact info.

“Right now we're building us our customer base,” continues Gaboury. “So once new products start appearing in March and April, our newsletter will be effective. We'll send out newsletters more regularly at peak season, and as it slows down we may only do newsletters every other month.”

Gaboury also hopes the website will cut back on paper. “Providing big binders full of brochures that are each about three-inches thick is the old way,” he explains. “It's a waste of paper and it's hard to get customers to update their folders. Now we just update the website and the information is available to everyone.”

Woodard's first newsletter is scheduled to go out this month.

For more information visit www.woodardmarine.ca