Xantrex Launches Redesigned Website

Vancouver-based Xantrex Technology Inc. today launched its redesigned website at xantrex.com.

The new website serves the company's core markets including RV, marine and commercial/industrial vehicles via dedicated sections designed to meet the unique requirements of distributors/dealers, aftermarket retailers, end users, installers, electricians and media. Besides its cleaner, streamlined interface, the site also offers dedicated product pages with all relevant content and imagery, media library/newsroom, technical downloads, FAQs and educational documents featuring topics of general interest in power electronics, including archival resources housing the company's recently launched Tech Doctor editorial series. Visitors from all markets can sign up and opt-in to receive the company's latest product updates including the introduction of new innovative power solutions, and more.      

Grant Dunbar, Senior Manager, Marketing and Product Development reports that the new website design offers not only a fresh, clean new look, but also much improved, user-friendly navigation featuring an intuitive interactive menu and a vast resource of technical, troubleshooting and product information.

“Working from our own experience and in analyzing select feedback from the field, we have strategically redeveloped and redesigned our Internet presence to create a much stronger and greatly improved tool for our end users, dealers/distributors and aftermarket retailers,” said Dunbar. “Our new website is very engaging and allows visitors to efficiently access information, compare and find related product accessories, plus locate technical and educational data with ease.”

The new website also offers a dedicated Custom Power Solutions section designed for OEMs and aftermarket partners. Site content highlights the capabilities and services offered by the newly created Xantrex Business Development Team in the emerging niche markets of backup solar, wind, electric vehicle and automotive markets, including direct contact inquiry links.   

“We hope our customers will thoroughly enjoy the online experience of visiting us (online)” said Dunbar. “An integral part of our corporate culture is to continually seek ways and means to improve and maximize our customer experience. We're confident this new website launch is a positive step in this direction.”