Yamaha Completes Multi-Million Dollar Manufacturing Facility

Yamaha Motor Corp. USA has recently completed a $6 million, 64,000 square-foot expansion to its boat manufacturing facility in Vonore, TN.

The facility produces a series of 23- and 21-foot Yamaha runabouts as well as tower boats. This is the latest investment of several multi-million dollar projects the company has completed at the Vonore facility since the development of its boat line in 1995.

“This multi million dollar investment in our boat plant represents our commitment to deploying the latest technologies, processes and operational improvements to make a better boat for our customers,” said Mark Speaks, president of Yamaha's Watercraft Group.  “These are the cornerstones to our business and they are what we've built our reputation on. This investment puts us in a highly advantageous position for future growth.”        

The facility will house the latest in manufacturing technologies with an advanced robotic gelcoat application booth, high-speed robotic CNC cutters and a proprietary RF urethane injection system (for flotation foam), utilizing technology derived from NASA, says Yamaha.

The facility also embraces a series of “green” technologies to further improve the work environment and significantly reduce waste. These technologies include new utilities, low impact lighting as well as a 90 percent reduction in hazardous waste and 10 to 12 percent reduction in total waste.

“Our investments in the areas of robotics and CNC cutting have greatly improved the standardization of our boat building process,” said Greg Harbison, division manager of manufacturing at Yamaha's Tennessee boat plant. “The bottom line is that we are building higher quality boats with greater efficiency.”

For more information visit www.yamaha-motor.ca.