Yamaha Dealer Training To Enhance Competitiveness

Dealer principals and managers are once again invited to Yamaha Marine University's (YMU) three-day Symposium 2008: Competitive Advantages, November 11 to 13 in Orlando, FL and December 9 to 11 in Las Vegas, NV.

In its second year, the Competitive Advantages symposium will focus on a variety of topics including best practices ideas, problem solving and marketing in a soft market.

“There's always a desire among dealers to improve profitability,” said Martin Peters, Yamaha Marine Group's communication and dealer education manager. “Given current market conditions, customer satisfaction means more now than it ever has.”

According to Peters, the company has enlisted the aid of reputable marine industry instructors to manage the program's content while sharing their own expert insight on various subjects such as finance, sales, service, marketing and human resources. Valerie Ziebron, one of YMU's instructors known for her service management courses, will cover optimizing profits in the parts and service departments, human resources and cost containment. YMU instructor, Noel Osborne will be discussing finance as well as presenting a business-planning course.

The cost of attending the symposium is US $38.50, half of which is paid by Yamaha. For more information on enrolling in YMU contact Jennifer Christ at (866) 644-4968 or email jennifer@ymuinfo.com.