Yamaha Introduces Boat and WaveRunner App for Apple iPhone and iPad

Yamaha WaterCraft Group has launched a new Yamaha WaterCraft App for the iPhone and iPad.

Available for free download through Apple's App Store, the new app is described as “the ultimate virtual salesman tool” for Yamaha WaveRunner and boat dealerships. “Never before has such a wealth of information been this easily accessible, in brilliant quality, with engaging rich media and all the specs, features, fuel data, photos, performance numbers and video that help customers with their purchase decision,” said the company in a statement.

In one download, Yamaha dealers can put everything customers want to know about Yamaha WaveRunners and boats into the hands of their sales staff. The information is entirely contained within the device, eliminating the need to be Wi-Fi connected at the time of use. Sales staff can use the app to show customers photos and videos of product features, and the product being used on the water. Additional capabilities include being able to view images of all products in all color combinations, browse product features, compare Yamaha models to other brands, view a library of high-quality videos, and even connect directly with Yamaha owners on Facebook and Twitter.

The application was created in partnership with Costa Mesa, CA-based obil marketing agency Textopoly.

“Mobile and tablet devices present the ideal platform to showcase our products in a fun and engaging way that connects with today's consumer,” said Bryan Seti, national marketing manager for Yamaha's WaterCraft Group. “We look forward to keeping this app updated with the latest information, videos and new features to enrich the sales experience even further.”

The Yamaha WaterCraft App may be downloaded from the Apple App Store by clicking here.