Yamaha Motor and Volvo Penta Partner To Develop Boat Control Systems

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced it has signed an agreement with Volvo Penta to jointly develop control systems for boats powered by outboard motors. 

The agreement, signed December 1, calls for the companies to collaborate in the development of outboard controls that “enable boat operation and handling that reflects the will of the pilot more directly by combining the power control and steering functions in a single remote control system,” according to a press release issued by Yamaha in Japan. “The joint development of such systems will bring together Yamaha Motor's expertise in outboard propulsion systems and Volvo Penta's expertise in steering system control technology. The project aims to undertake a wider scope of boat control system development including not only systems for outboards but also for Volvo Penta's marine diesel engines.”

Check the January issue of Boating Business for more information on this new development.