Yamaha Motor Canada Extends Outboard Rebates Until End of June

Yamaha Motor Canada has extended the duration of instant rebates offered on some of its outboard engines, worth up to $3,500, until June 30.

Yamaha's Right Here Right Now promotion, which ended on May 31, also offered instant rebates of up to $3,500 off of select outboards. “We've extended the rebates on some of our outboards until the end of June,” explains Bryan Hudgin, PR Specialist for Yamaha Motor Canada. “Generally the best promotions on outboards occur between January and June, at least until our inventory levels are where we want them.”

Current Outboard Instant Rebates:
F20 – $100
F40 – $150
F90 – $350
F250A – $2,500
F350 – $2,500
VF250A – $2,500
F225 (Sport) – $3,500

For more information visit www.yamaha-motor.ca/promos