Yamaha Motor Introduces a Flurry of New Products

Amidst a flurry of new product announcements by Yamaha Motor this week is a new PWC engine, a new WaveRunner, a new 24-foot E-Series of sport boats and a new 190 FSHTM Series of centre console family fishing boats. Add to that, come 2016 Yamaha's 19-foot sport boats gain the company's Articulating Keel for better handling.

242 Limited S and 242 Limited E-Series
The 242 Limited S and 242 Limited E-Series boats feature Drive by Wire for smooth acceleration through the engine's RPM range (including RPM engine synch and single throttle lever functionality for the vessel's twin engines).

The boats possess the latest generation of Yamaha's Connext helm control system (including Drive Control allowing watersports enthusiasts to program GPS-controlled speeds, four different acceleration curves and store rider profiles).

Other highlights include Push Button Start, an upgraded trim level, a tower with built-in solar panels and an extra-large Bimini.

242 Limited/Limited S E-Series Specifications:
Length: 24'
Beam: 8.5'
Weight: 3,624 lbs.
Capacity: 12 person / 2,698 lbs.
Storage capacity: 836.5 gal.
Engine(s): Twin four-cylinder, 4 stroke, 1812cc Yamaha Marine Engines
Fuel tank: 50 gal.

242X E-Series
Yamaha becomes the latest engine manufacturer to turn its attention to the ever-popular watersports category.

The company's new 242X E-Series boat is Yamaha's first foray into the high-performance wake sports segment and features a triple ballast system producing up to 1,400 pounds of weight for controlling wake size and shape.

The vessel will be offered with a premium sound system (1,000 watts from two amps, a subwoofer, two can speakers and a 10-speaker sound bar).

The 242X will also be offered with the earlier mentioned Drive by Wire and Yamaha Drive Control. However, the 242X's Drive Control, managed from the Connext system touchscreen, adds percentage fill/drain on each of the three ballast bags. These preferences can then be stored into one of five profiles for quick access. Riders can enter and save their acceleration and speed profile in the Connext system to the exact tenth of a mile per hour.

Watersports features include dual swing-in watersports racks, an oversized billet aluminum rear view mirror, colour-matched upholstery and custom billet aluminum Bimini Top (with solar panel charger).

Exclusive to the 242X E-Series is the ability to independently inflate three ballast bags, located in the centre storage compartment and under the two bench seats in the cockpit. Another exclusive is a premium Gussi Italia sport steering wheel.

242X E-Series Specifications:
Length: 24'
Beam: 8.5'
Weight: 4,032 lbs.
Capacity: 12 person / 2698 lbs
Storage capacity: 792.6 gal
Engine(s): Twin four-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1812cc Yamaha Marine Engines
Fuel tank: 50 gal

E-Series Highlights
In addition to the new features for 2016, the E-Series comes with the Connext helm control system, which provides information such as water depth, fuel gauge, RPM, compass heading and miles per hour. Scrolling functions provide access to important but less frequented information, including maximum speed attained, miles per gallon, gallons per hour, average speed, trip odometer, elevation and engine temperature.

When anchored, Connext automatically goes into ‘float mode,' displaying pertinent information such as voltage meter and water depth. If the system detects low battery voltage, an audible alarm will sound, signaling the driver to start the engines to recharge the battery.

Connext also serves as the entertainment hub of the boat, providing full access to radio and stereo controls, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity and USB connections. The Connext joystick noticeably easier control over system navigation while the boat is moving or rocking.

Significantly, Yamaha's E-Series features the company's directional control improving Articulating Keel, first introduced on its redesigned 242 Limited S.

The Articulating Keel extends the boat's keel with a trailing component that moves and tracks through the water in relation to the jet pump nozzles. Yamaha models equipped with the system benefit from noticeably improved steering response. Straight-line tracking is improved, as is high-speed cornering stability at speed.

The Articulating Keel is found on all of Yamaha's 24-foot boats – and, for 2016, it will be included on all 19-foot boats.

All three E-Series models feature Yamaha Quiet Cruise, which dampens engine sound and vibration for rider comfort.

Yamaha 190 FSH Series
Yamaha's new 190 FSH Series provides boaters an open, 360-degree experience suitable for fishing. The series balances a list of fishing features with family amenities.
Available in two versions in Canada, the 190 FSH is available in the 190 FSH Deluxe and the flagship 190 FSH Sport (which offers many of the features of the Deluxe with the addition of a custom T-top).

Both models come with Yamaha's high-performance 1.8L High Output marine engine. The deluxe model includes wiring for dual batteries, stainless steel rub-rail, head compartment curtain, upgraded seating/cushions and bow pedestal seat.

The bow of the 190 FSH comes with a pedestal mount and fishing seat on the Deluxe model. Two storage compartments and a built-in, self-draining cooler are  an arm's length away. A deep, oversized anchor locker completes the bow area.

The vessel provides a bench seat integrated into the front of the centre console. Lift up the bench seat and centre console's front to find a large storage area. This can also serve as a changing room or a head compartment with the curtain enclosure. This compartment also offers access to the backside of the helm for service and installing aftermarket marine electronics.

On the sides of the centre console are six vertical rod holders, three on each side. Four additional rod holders are located under the gunwales on the port and starboard sides. With the addition of four flush-mount rod holders on the deck, there are a total of 14 rod holders across the boat.

The helm is designed with a simple-to-remove windshield for low-profile storage, a stainless steel sport steering wheel and a locking glove box. It also offers an open area to flush mount electronics.

Completing the helm is an angled footrest for comfort and stability when underway. Behind the helm is a padded leaning post with a backrest. Under the leaning post is a dedicated space for a second cooler.

On the portside aft of the helm is more dedicated storage along with easy battery access. On the starboard side is an 18-gallon livewell with two pumps – one to fill and a second for recirculation.

The 190 FSH Series also features a raw-water Jet Wash washdown system, which utilizes water thrust from the jet drive system to allow boat owners to clean their deck without needing an additional pump.

Since the FSH Series' engine and drivetrain are mounted in the hull, the entire back of the boat is open for unobstructed casting, towing and other activities.

The 190 FSH features Yamaha's signature two-tier swim platform, which sits low at the water's edge. A retractable stern ladder makes re-boarding after swimming easier. The transom also includes a tow eye for watersports.

Like all Yamaha boats, the 190 FSH features a patented clean-out port that allows for the removing of debris from the jet pump without having to get in the water or swim under the boat.

Notably, the 190 FSH also features Yamaha's Articulating Keel.

190 FSH Specifications:
Length: 19' 2'
Weight: Sport: 2,150 lbs.; Deluxe 2,130 lbs.
Beam: 8'
Draft: 16″
Dead Rise: 18°
Capacity: 8 persons / 1,240 lbs.
Engine: Single 1.8L Yamaha marine engine Engine
Displacement: 1812cc
Fuel Capacity: 30 gal

TR-1 High Output Engine
Yamaha's newest power option is the new three-cylinder TR-1 High Output marine engine, powering its 2016 V1 Sport, VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe WaveRunners.

According to the company, the TR-1 motor is 13 percent more powerful than the MR-1 engine it replaces, but 40 percent smaller in size and 20 percent lighter in weight. Yamaha achieves this by eliminating a reduction gear, integrating the oil tank, and using fewer and smaller parts. The result is quicker acceleration, higher top-end speeds and better fuel economy.

TR-1 Specifications
Engine: Three-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1049cc Yamaha Marine Engine
Lubrication: Wet sump
Fuel: Regular unleaded
Weight: 160 pounds
Dimensions: L: 30', W: 21', H: 19'

New High Output Waverunner
Joining Yamaha Motor's best-selling VX line, the company has also added the VX Cruiser HO WaveRunner for the 2016MY.

The new WaveRunner is powered by the same 1.8L naturally-aspirated Yamaha marine engine that has carried the Yamaha VXR to four consecutive national racing titles.

The VX Cruiser HO's comfort appointments include Yamaha's Cruiser seat, Cruise Assist and No Wake Mode functions.

Well suited for longer trips where comfort and fuel efficiency are priorities, Cruise Assist allows the driver to set and hold a consistent speed as well as avoid hand fatigue. Adjusting speed simply involves pressing the up and down arrow buttons.

No Wake Mode (featuring three speed settings) helps the driver set a speed when travelling through no-wake zones.

Yamaha's newest WaveRunner also features the RiDE system, a dual handlebar throttle control system that enables the driver to quickly transition the VX Cruiser HO between forward and reverse. Squeeze the right handlebar lever to go forward. Squeeze the left lever for reverse. At speed, the left handlebar lever will also slow you down. Release both right and left levers and the watercraft is in neutral.

Under the water line, the VX Cruiser HO has modified hull strakes, softer bow chines and a new keel shape. Its lighterweight NanoXcel hull delivers excellent stability for three-up riders as well as towing.

2016 VX Cruiser HO Specifications:
Engine Type: 4-stroke, 4 cylinder, 1.8L normally aspirated Yamaha marine engine
Displacement: 1812cc
Length: 131.9'
Beam: 48'
Height: 46.9'
Fuel Capacity: 18.5 gallons, regular unleaded fuel
Person Capacity: 3 persons
Hull Material: NanoXcel High-Compression Molded Compound