Yamaha Unveils Most Extensive New Product Launch To Date

Yamaha introduced a number of new outboards at its combined OEM, dealer and media launch, held at its Bridgeport Testing Facility located near Bridgeport, AL in mid-November.

Highlighting what the company hails as the most extensive new product launch in the history of Yamaha Marine is the new VMAX SHO series of four-stroke 250 hp, 225 hp and 200 hp V6 engines. Designed specifically for bass boats and multi-species fishing rigs, the F250D, F225D and F200D respectively weigh 34 pounds less than Yamaha's previous VMAX two-strokes while delivering 12 percent better fuel economy, instantaneous throttle response, extraordinary hole shot, improved top speed and best-in-class acceleration. All three feature 20-inch shafts and a 4.2L, 24-valve, DOHC 60-degree V6 powerhead with Yamaha's unique long intake manifold, VCT and in-bank exhaust system. A specially developed high performance lower unit offers reduced drag and improved hydrodynamics.

The naturally-aspirated, big-bore VMAX SHO outboards feature the outboard industry's first-ever advanced plasma fused sleeveless cylinders. Initially used in automotive and aerospace applications, plasma fused sleeveless cylinders allow a larger bore in a given engine block, delivering more power and improved cooling. All three engines meet CARB 2010 EPA exhaust emission standards and achieve a 3-Star rating in CARB 2008 exhaust emission regulations.

Yamaha also announced a new 300 horsepower V6 four-stroke that is 246 pounds lighter than the company's 350 horsepower F350 V8 four-stroke. Also built on a 4.2L V6 block, the new F300 offers improved top speed and fuel efficiency, along with improved overall operations thanks to an innovative shift dampening system that eliminates the traditional 'clunk' felt when shifting in and out of gear.

Also new for 2010 is a new 70 horsepower four-stroke that is said to be lighter than any competitive four-stroke or new-technology two-stroke 70 from any manufacturer, and a full 109 pounds lighter than Yamaha's previous F75 four-stroke. The four cylinder, SOHC design uses 16 valves and a unique anti-knock sensor for more precise control of engine timing. Featuring the lightest weight and highest horsepower-per-liter-of-displacement in the 70 horsepower class, the F70 works with Yamaha's available multifunction tiller handle and Command Link System for precise trolling speed control.

The company's new F4 four-horsepower and F6 six-horsepower portables incorporate a new oil leak prevention system that allows the engines to be laid on their side without leakage, facilitating storage. The new F6 is a full 23 pounds lighter than the previous model, and roughly the same weight as Yamaha's previous carbureted two-stroke six.

The company announced several additional new products, including new propellers, rigging controls, digital displays, a new anti-theft technology called Yamaha Customer Onboard Protection (YCOP) and a return of the company's venerable F250 four-stroke V6 with mechanical controls, aimed at the repowering market.