Yamaha Unveils New Outboard Engine and Announces Other New Product

Yamaha Motor Canada officially unveiled a mid-range power addition to its lineup of outboard engines. The F115 four-stroke made its official worldwide debut at the Toronto International Boat Show during the event's Special Preview Night.

"Because it is in a class that Canadian boaters have a real affinity for, we've decided to launch this engine at the Toronto International Boat Show,' says Jean-Francois Rioux, Yamaha's National Manager, Marine. "Yamaha's F115 is compact, more powerful and the lightest weight in its class.'

Officially designated the F115B, the new engine tips the scales 377 pounds and is 24 pounds lighter than the previous generation F115LA. The engine has an all-new powerhead said to provide increased bore and stroke, which now measures a full 1.8 litres.

Rioux suggests that the F115 will be natural fit for Canadian boaters utilizing pontoons, fish n' ski sport boats, inflatables or deep-V aluminum fishing boats. He also says the engine should be an attractive re-power option. "It's smoother and quieter,' he describes. "This is something very important to us in Canada because more than eight out of 10 consumers choose a four-stroke when buying a new outboard. This is probably because the technology is smooth and quiet.'

The new F115's double-overhead cam (DOHC) four-cylinder design now has larger intake and exhaust valves for improved breathing, more power and better midrange torque. Complementing its new valves and cylinder head is a 60mm single-throttle body with the company's long-intake track system and a new free-flow exhaust manifold. Compression ratio is increased, and so is the full-throttle RPM range: 5,300 to 6,300 RPM. A knock sensor allows the engine to operate constantly at peak output. The result, according to Yamaha, is improved acceleration and a zero-to-200-foot time that's 0.7 seconds faster than its predecessor.

The new F115 can be mechanically controlled and is compatible with Yamaha's Command Link gauges and hardware as well as Y-COP theft deterrent system. To help mitigate corrosion, the F115 uses Yamaha's Phase FiveTM paint system, which involves the electro-deposition of anti-corrosive paint on both the outside and inside passages of the engine block. The outboard also includes Yamaha's Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTSTM) and can be equipped with Yamaha's Multifunction Tiller Handle.

The F115 becomes available in June.

New F175 and Talon Prop
Rioux also announced Yamaha's brand new F175 four-stroke outboard and new Talon propeller.

Rioux says the F175 is the continuation of the engine builder's successful 2.8L outboard platform, which includes its 200hp in-line four-cylinder four-stroke. "This is a great engine for a wide range of boats,' he explains. "The new F175 will help the market in 2014 and be made available in mechanically controlled variations in 20-inch and 25-inch shaft lengths.'

"Currently the outboard industry in Canada is doing very well,' says Rioux. "We have seen some strong retail last summer. Another positive development in the industry that most of you are aware of is the customers' interest in more powerful engine packages. If we look back at 2008, which was our record year for outboard sales in Canada, the sale of 100hp to 200hp engines has grown 24 percent – a staggering number. Overall our outboard sales increased eight percent in 2013 – so we had a very successful season. In the plus-75hp category, we grew by 25 percent. A big part of the growth comes from the success of our new 2.8L four-cylinder platform. In fact the 2.8L F200 was received so well by Canadian boaters that we have doubled our market share in 200hp and we have increased the industry sales in that segment by 26 percent.'

The F175 will be available in May.

Rioux then introduced Yamaha's all-new aluminum performance propeller, the Talon. The propeller is specifically designed for larger mid-range power outboard engines.

The propeller features new blade architecture and Yamaha's Shift Dampener System (SDS). The SDS hub system is design to reduce noises associated with shifting and provide quiet operation at slow speeds. “Anglers will love the variable trolling speeds, whether they're fishing in fresh or saltwater,” claims Rioux.

The Talon is set to become available in June 2014.

During the press launch, Yamaha Motor Canada's Vice President, Peter Smallman-Tew, made a point of highlighting the fact that Yamaha recently celebrated the completion of its 10 millionth outboard engine last April at its manufacturing facility in Fukuroi, Japan.