Yamaha WaterCraft Group Launches Watercraft App

Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, US, announced the release of the Yamaha WaterCraft App for the iPhone and iPad in the Apple App Store.

“Mobile and tablet devices present the ideal platform to showcase our products in a fun and engaging way that connects with today's consumer,” said Bryan Seti, National Marketing Manager for Yamaha's WaterCraft Group. “We look forward to keeping this app updated with the latest information, videos and new features to enrich the sales experience even further.”

Yamaha envisions the app being useful for both its consumers and dealers. Right from the dealership floor, dealer staff can show customers photos and videos of Yamaha's product features and amenities being used on the water. They can also access specifications on each Yamaha model and compare it to its competitor's models.

Other features of the app include images of all Yamaha watercraft in all colour combinations, detailed explanations about new innovations and technologies, a library of high-quality videos, and the ability to connect with Yamaha owners on Facebook and Twitter.

To download a copy of the app click here