Zodiac International to Change its Corporate Identity

Zodiac Recreational of North America has a new logo, designed to better reflect "the dynamics and spirit of renewal which characterize the activities of Zodiac International' according to a company press release.

The new logo is intended to reaffirm the fundamental values of the brand, identified as quality, safety, confidence and adventure. "We are all very excited about our new logo and brand identity,' said Zodiac Recreational of North America President, Gary Dickman. "It visually updates our globally-recognized brand with longevity and stability.'

The choice of blue for the logo is said to reaffirm the brand's links with the maritime world. The new corporate identity for Zodiac International will, at first, be available on the new N-ZO range (N-ZO 600 and N-ZO 680) then displayed on all products and communication mediums in October 2012.

The last few months have seen a complete renewal of Zodiac's range of semi-rigid boats, along with service and communications improvements. The company boasts a distribution network of more than 1,600 sales outlets in more than 90 countries.