Zodiac To Target RV Market

Zodiac Boats of North America has set its sights squarely on the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market, and recently exhibited at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) trade show, held in Louisville, KY from November 29 through December 2.

The similarities in customer profiles and the ability to store the boat in a small, compact area makes Zodiac a natural fit for the RV dealers, says Zodiac of North America's West Coast Regional Sales Manager, Todd Harris. “The demographics of an RV owner and a boat owner are parallel,” said Harris. “They are both outdoor oriented, adventurous and rank spending time with their families as a high priority. With the ability to have a Zodiac in the camper or motorhome, the owner's excursion no longer has to stop where the paved trail ends. After learning more about Zodiac and the numerous possibilities for the RV industry's participants, several RV dealers have expressed tremendous interest in expanding their parts/accessory sales by offering Zodiac products.”

Zodiac displayed its 230 Zoom at the show, the smallest product the company currently manufactures with an overall length of just seven feet, seven inches, while also offering information on the entire model lineup. The 230 Zoom was chosen as a representative of the Zodiac line because when not in use, the model stows in a very compact area which addresses one of the primary concerns RV and camper owners have – space.  It retails for an extremely affordable $799 and conveniently fits in most RV storage compartments.