MasterCraft Forms Exclusive Partnership with Klipsch Audio

MasterCraft Boat Company, based in Vonore, Tennessee, has formed an exclusive partnership with Klipsch Audio. The new relationship will enable MasterCraft to offer the premium speaker systems aboard its new sport boats.

Klipsch Audio systems will remain an exclusive to MasterCraft for a period of five years through an agreement with ASA Electronics, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of mobile electronic products.

Klipsch Audio recently created its first-ever marine speakers and amplification solutions, which will be exclusively offered on MasterCraft models.

“We’re dedicated to providing the best experiences on the water for our customers, and our partnership with Klipsch enables MasterCraft to create an exclusive, first-ever audio experience on the water that will truly blow people away,” says Terry McNew, President and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. “We spend a lot of time focused on customizing boats to our owners’ needs – from the look and style of the boat to the wake behind it. Digitally-controlled custom, concert-level sound is an incredibly exciting new on-board entertainment option that we know people of all ages will enjoy.”

Klipsch Audio possesses over 70 years of expertise in building premium, custom-engineered marine audio systems. Beyond its sheer power (up to 120 dB), the Klipsch sound system is tuned for a rich, accurate sound across a broad frequency range. The new Klipsch marine speakers are completely water tight and protected from the elements. “Klipsch speakers have stood the test of time and we are thrilled to bring this unparalleled audio experience to MasterCraft consumers,” says Oscar Bernardo, Chief Operating Officer for Klipsch Group, Inc.

MasterCraft partnered with Bongiovi Acoustics to implement its Digital Power Station (DSP) technology to customize the new Klipsch-powered system specifically into MasterCraft’s boats. The Bongiovi DSP contains a patented digital audio signal processor that adjusts real time to improve music to ensure concert level sound. The Bongiovi DSP module is tunable, changing the sound of the system depending on which software mode is selected by the driver. With three modes to choose from – drive, tow and chill – drivers can customize music to the activity.

Klipsch Audio systems will debut on new 2018 MasterCraft boats.