Navico to Acquire Naviop

Navico, headquartered in Egersund, Norway, parent company to the Lowrance, Simrad and B&G brands, has finalized an agreement to acquire Naviop, a global player in marine monitoring and control systems.

The acquisition aligns with Navico’s goal of taking the lead when it comes to IoT (the Internet of Things) aboard vessels equipped with its systems. This includes a vessel’s electronics (by way of it MFDs, GoFree and now Naviop), propulsion systems (via integration with its inboard and outboard partners), wireless communications (through its Vodafone global connectivity partnership) and customer experience (by way of its boat builder and charter partnerships).

Providing the integration framework to capture data from all boating systems, Naviop creates a digital ecosystem on boats outfitted with Navico’s MFD brands. The multi-function displays serve as the hub for complete system control and information – all designed to enhance boater awareness and enjoyment.

“We are pleased to welcome Naviop to the Navico family,” says Leif Ottosson, Navico CEO. “For years, auto manufacturers have provided consumers with a complete integration solution at their fingertips, and we, as a marine industry have fallen behind the curve to provide the same level of convenience and control. With Naviop, we have taken a step forward to provide a comprehensive system-integration package for the boatbuilding market – a position that is already well received with many of our boatbuilding customers. Most importantly, these fully integrated marine-electronics systems will enhance the boating experience by making it easier to be an owner and by increasing enjoyment on the water.”

Navico will, through this acquisition, take a further step in shifting the idea of a central multifunction display to an integrated cloud-connected information system.

Naviop’s success to date comes from its origin in industrial automation and is the result of continuous research and the development of new high-tech products and systems, and real-world system implementations. Flexible and reliable, Naviop systems are able to work as an integration hub as well as a digital switching solution meeting many international industrial standards and can manage everything from air conditioning and engines to diesel generator units and stabilization systems.