Wanted: Ontario Students for Pre-Apprenticeship Marine Engine Tech Program

Boating Ontario, in partnership with Georgian College (Midland Campus), is offering a Pre-Apprenticeship Marine Engine Technician program.

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Educations and Skills Development, the initiative aims to boost entrants into apprenticeship programs while addressing the industry’s shortage of marine techs.

Eagerly seeking candidates, Boating Ontario is calling upon the marine industry to direct potential participants to them for consideration. The association needs 22 qualified students by the end of March.

The free 35-week program provides students with upgrading in apprenticeship math, communications, shop skills and the in-school requirement for Level One Marine Engine Technicians. Boating Ontario in partnership with Georgian College Midland Campus will provide each participant with textbooks, tools, safety boots and value-added educational services.

Students that successfully complete the academic portion of the program are required to complete a 12-week paid placement that will start September 5, 2017.

Successful students can then return to a marine business to complete their placement and start their career in the industry.

Subsidy for Employers

Students will complete the Level One Marine Engine Technician in-school training component on September 5, 2017. Successful students will then be available to employers to complete a 12-week paid placement that includes a $162.50/week subsidy for employers.

This subsidy is an incentive for employers to consider these students for an apprenticeship position within their organization. The subsidy is paid out to employers at the end of the 12-week placement.

Employers that choose to employ a student after the required placement should register them as a Marine Engine Technician with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. Upon registration, students will receive credit for completing their Level One in school training and may receive credit for time spent on the job while completing their placement.

The Level One Marine Technician Program consists of 240 hours of theory and practical education on:

  • Safe Working Practices and Techniques
  • Work Practices and Procedures
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Engine Systems
  • Braking, Transmission and Auxiliary Drive System

Applicants for the program must be at least 16 years of age or older as well as a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant. Those already registered as apprentices should not apply.

Interested parties should contact Boating Ontario’s Marketing Manager, Cynthia Hodgson, at chodgson@boatingontario.ca or (888) 547-6662. Information for industry members and prospective students can also be found here.