Yamaha Highlights New Products at Miami Boat Show

In addition to announcing new features for Helm Master, Yamaha Motor highlighted a number of its recent product introductions during the Miami International Boat Show on Virginia Key this week.

First off, Yamaha explained several useful new functions incorporated into its Helm Master system. Set Point, designed in collaboration with a number of Yamaha’s pro-staffers, holds a vessel in place  with the guidance of a dual-antenna GPS (in Stay Point mode). If very strong seas move your boat out of position (a 75-foot radius), a signal notifies boaters, offering them the option of returning to their original position with a touch of a button.

Set Point also includes a couple of other modes anglers will appreciate. These include, Fish Point, which maintains a position but not a heading, allowing an angler to entrust the system to point their vessel’s bow or stern into a current or wind. Fish Point uses a max idle rpm (800 rpm) to hold position, making it less likely to scare away fish. The second is Drift Point. This function maintains heading while allowing the vessel to move with the wind or current, making it ideal for kite or drift fishing.

“We’re excited to launch into 2017 with lots of new products that are key to meeting the unique needs of the Canadian market,” said Jean-Francois Rioux, National Manager, Marine, Yamaha Motor Canada. “After our January roll out, Yamaha now adds several Digital Electronic Control models to make our lineup even more comprehensive. DEC is the new standard in boating so we are pleased to offer this for a wider variety of applications, along with the simplicity of installing and rigging an all-Yamaha system.”

January Release Highlights
To kick off 2017, Yamaha Motor Canada launched several new outboards.

This included Yamaha’s all-new F25, which is 25 percent lighter than its predecessor and now features the best power-to-weight ratio of all 25 horsepower outboards. The F25 is feature rich and outperforms Yamaha’s traditional 25-horsepower two-stroke.

Yamaha’s next-generation F90 four-stroke outboard is lighter and quicker than its predecessor, offering greater torque and acceleration. Along with the new F90, Yamaha introduces a new F75 in the same engine family, which is among the lightest 75hp four-stroke models on the market.

Yamaha has added two new models to its V MAX SHO family: the V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft and the V MAX SHO 175 X-Shaft. The 25-inch shaft opens up the benefits of the high-performance V MAX SHO product line to a wider variety of applications, particularly deep-V boats.

Digital Electronic Control for Three High-Horsepower Outboards
Yamaha is offering the precision of digital throttle and shift to a greater number of boat packages. The company revealed that its best-selling F150, as well as its F175 and F200, are now available with digital electronic control (DEC).

All three new DEC models offer improved convenience and control with easy rigging capabilities. All DEC outboards are also compatible with Yamaha’s Variable Trolling Speed (VTS) switch, which allows anglers to adjust the trolling speed in 50 rpm increments from 650 to 900 rpm using a Yamaha Command Link Plus compatible display.

Notably, the F175 DEC will now be available in left-hand rotation for twin applications, while DEC on the F200 adds the 20-inch L-Shaft spec to the already available 25-inch F200 X-Shaft.

CL7 Display
Yamaha’s new CL7 touchscreen display and a newly-designed, more robust Command Link Plus gateway are designed to improve the consumer boating experience.

Back in 2010, Yamaha introduced a five-inch full-colour display for use with Command Link Plus. The new CL7 display takes that technology a step further, increasing in size to a seven-inch touch panel screen with full multi-function display (MFD) capability and connectivity.

Yamaha specified and designed software to facilitate the capabilities of its various systems, and chose to work with Garmin in order to provide the platform.

The new CL7 touchscreen display becomes the primary display for the Command Link Plus system. It offers boaters precise and customizable engine and boat systems data for up to four outboards on one screen, along with a host of other MFD functions (i.e. maps, fish finder and graphing capabilities).

The CL7 additionally features a robust NMEA 2000 internal gateway, allowing displayed data to be output to approved MFD models and brands including Garmin, Furuno, Simrad and Lowrance.

These capabilities are also now available in a new stand-alone NMEA 2000 gateway unit for boaters using Yamaha’s Command Link and Command Link Plus platforms.