Yamaha Motor Launches Five New Outboards

Yamaha Motor has announced the addition of five new outboards to its lineup of four-stroke outboards. The new engines include the F25, F75, F90, V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft and V MAX SHO 175 X-Shaft.


Weighing less than 126 pounds, the smallest of Yamaha’s midrange outboards is light, compact and portable. The new F25 out performs and replaces Yamaha’s 25hp two-stroke version.

Yamaha Motor's new F25 four-stroke is light weight and fuel efficient.
Yamaha Motor’s new F25 four-stroke is light weight and fuel efficient.

“The new F25 is 25 percent lighter than our previous model and much more compact than anything else on the market. It’s the only truly portable 25-hp outboard in the industry,” said Jean-Francois Rioux, Yamaha Motor Canada’s National Manager – Marine.

The new F25 features no-battery-required Electronic Fuel Injection and an all-new two-cylinder powerhead. Two valves per cylinder and a single overhead cam mean the F25 is lighter. For greater control, the new F25 also features a pull start through the cowling, which comes standard on all electric start models. The Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS), standard on all F25C tiller handle models, allows boats to troll slower than standard in-gear idle speed for better fishing. Improved, built-in handles provide greater portability and easier handling, while the updated tiller handle features new ergonomics and a new shifter position.

Several updates make the new outboard it even more convenient than its predecessor. For example, the F25 is now equipped with a resting-pad on two sides, offering more storage options. The external oil draining system also offers easy maintenance for dealers or consumers. And an electric starting kit is available as a field upgrade.

F90 & F75

Yamaha Motor Canada’s next-generation F90 four-stroke outboard is said to be lighter and quicker than its predecessor.

Yamaha Motor's new F90 four-stroke on display at the Toronto International Boat Show.
Yamaha Motor’s new F90 four-stroke on display at the Toronto International Boat Show.

Like the successful F70 before it, the new F90 and F75 employ a single overhead camshaft to drive four valves per cylinder, thereby saving weight while increasing volumetric efficiency – and making more power. Weighing in at 353 pounds, the F90 is 13 pounds lighter than its predecessor and displaces 1.8 litres versus 1.6 litres.

The F90 and F75 are also quieter, and can be paired with several Yamaha propellers featuring the company’s Shift Dampener System (SDS), including Talon (GP and Pontoon), for greater quiet and comfort. Both outboards are compatible with Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS) for slow trolling and better fishing. They can be rigged for use with Yamaha’s multifunction tiller handle, and feature improved charging, with 35 amps of power over the previous 25 amps.

The F90 and F75 are both compatible with Yamaha’s Command Link® 6Y8 and 6YC digital gauges, as well as Yamaha’s Y-COP, for increased theft protection and security. A redesigned and improved long-span mounting system provides smooth operation.

V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft & SHO 175 X-Shaft

Yamaha Motor Canada adds two new models to its V MAX SHO family: the V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft and the V MAX SHO175 X-Shaft. Both models feature 25-inch shafts to meet the needs of more specific boating applications.

The V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft accommodates specific applications where a compact, lightweight 25-inch solution is desired. The outboard is capable of performance typically associated with two strokes, but with the convenience and quietness of a four stroke.

The 1.8-litre V MAX SHO 115 X-Shaft features Yamaha’s advanced 16-valve double overhead cam four-cylinder design, which means better breathing for better performance. Sixteen valves also mean more power and midrange torque. They are fed by a large single throttle body with Yamaha’s long-track intake system and a free-flow exhaust. Without the need for two-stroke oil or an oil tank, this X-Shaft model weighs 386 pounds.

The new V MAX SHO 175 X-Shaft is ideal for deep-V aluminum fishing boats, bay boats, centre console or multi-species boats.

The V MAX SHO 175 X-Shaft features Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT), which helps the 2.8-litre inline four develop plenty of power in the midrange. With advanced double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and twin counterbalance shafts, the V MAX SHO 175 X-Shaft is smooth, powerful and fuel efficient, allegedly delivering 30 to 40 percent better fuel efficiency than a carbureted two stroke.

Thanks to mechanical control, the outboard offers easy rigging, and boaters can equip the outboard with their choice of analog, 6Y5 digital or Command Link gauges.

The F25 and F90 are currently on display at the Toronto boat show and will also appear at the Montreal boat shows.